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Collaborative Media Wall

For any interactive meeting or learning, collaborative media wall is an integral component of whiteboard & screen. This sturdy lifting column allows effortless height adjustments with simply a touch of button & dual motors for optimum viewing, and ensures smooth & quick movements for changing usage of both screen & whiteboard with castors. This media wall couples with wireless projection system, which connects the wall to other media devices via wifi, in order to share your screen within the room. The system allows up to 16 devices to connect simultaneously and display 4 concurrent snap views on a single screen at the same time.


Glass Height Adjustable Table

Create your ideal home office environment with our Full Height Adjustable Desk. It Comes with a control pad with four memory pre-settings, a safety lock, and 3 charging ports. The desk has a big drawer and plenty of desk space. Whether you're working at home or just for family use, there's plenty of room for your setup. A wise choice of the whole family!


Flexispot MonitorStand Workstation S6

  • UV Sterilization
  • Innovative Design
  • USB Charging

Flexispot S6 Workstation brings your monitor up to a comforable viewing level, eliminating unnecessary neck and eye strain. This innovative workstaion helps you take your office essentials. It neatly stores your office utensils, documents, and can be used as a phone stand, or in-line document holder with the slot in the drawer. UV light underneath provides rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. Featuring comfortable and practical design, it turns a nice desk into an ergonomic workstation.

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